About the blog

After deadlines is a logbook of personal essays, notes, snapshots, and thoughts of this journalist after those working hours in the field. The only thing constant in a journalist’s life is a deadline. You are, thus, welcome to this breather, free from the tight deadlines we deal daily.

While it has been a constant struggle for her to maintain a blog so to keep those which weren’t put out to be printed,  this hopefully compels her to write more often, not just the usual stories she submits to the news desk, but more of the personal ones.

Writing is fun and writing is improving. And, she shall remain a student of writing, no matter what, as the sources of stories to be written and recorded grow in abundance.

Through this, she also hopes to plough more stories, probably to move and inspire people to take action, or at least share the contagion of happiness brought by the beautiful things we encounter every day.

Thank you for visiting!


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